The Adzepa learning Center Advantage

You have your own teacher in the software who will teach you all the courses. Even at 6 in the morning, the teacher can help you with any topic in JHS.
You can tell this teacher to stop and go back and say it again. You can move forward and you have control of how fast or slow the teacher explains the math topic to you.
This teacher gives you more than 3 examples when explaining anything so you grasp the subject well.
Our lessons are animated which allows the child to visualize and grasp concepts more effectively
math comes alive.
We have instantly scored quizzes at all levels. The final exam is 60 questions out of a pool of 1000 questions. What are the chances you will meet that question again in your real BECE, 100%? We have compiled BECE questions from 1993 to date and have added well planned extra questions for each topic so you have many questions to try.
Discover the enjoyment of learning JHS math.
We offer unlimited free support via email and by calling. Our math lessons are clearly written and easy to understand. Our animated examples are effective in demonstrating math procedures and help to maintain interest. This is a proven, curriculum-based math learning software that has demonstrated success in boosting student performance at the BECE.

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